Friday, 14 August 2009

Balloon Video - continuing story

Balloon DVD:
The DVD of the Balloon match at Torquay has effectively been completed.
My very rough filming has been edited down to 13 minutes, music added where appropriate (a nice bit of Scott Joplin) and rolling credits at beginning and end. The interviews with the players by James Essinger before and after the match, are a treat, and the sound of the wind whistling through the rigging at 400 feet give a real sense of adventure.
The final touch was printing a label for the DVD and inserts for the front and back of the case. Andrew Greet e-mailed the score of the decisive game yesterday and this hase been included on the insert, in figurine.
Hopefully, this will now be put up on-line shortly where it can be accessed by all. No-one at this end knows how to do that, so it is up to others with that expertise.

John Littlewood:
I mentioned John Littlewood earlier in the event - I had several chats with him during the fortnight; he walks only with some difficulty these days so couldn't move away when I got near.
At one point he said he knew both J. E. Jones and A. R. B. Thomas, two players who had lived both in Lancashire and Devon and of whom I've written chess biographies. He challenged me to guess what other connection he and A. R. B. Thomas had in common. He had to tell me: both he and Thomas got honourable mentions by Bobby Fischer in his seminal work "My 60 Memorable Games".
Since getting back home I've been able to check this out. On p. 166 (Game 26 Fischer v Reshevsky) Fischer quotes a letter Thomas wrote to Chess, asking why Fisher didn't play 28Nd2 after which Reshevsky can resign immediately instead of lingering on for another 10 moves. "Right, Mr. Thomas!" says Fischer.
And on p. 378 (Game 60 Fischer v Stein) Fischer played 30. Be4 for which he gives himself an ?, and adds .."Littlewood indicates 30.Nh4! as a quick win for White. He's right".
Now be honest - how many of you spotted that particular connection between Blundellsands and Skelmersdale?!